Driver Making Phone Call After Fender Bender

Does Cocoa Hyundai in Brevard County have a body shop?

Were you recently in a fender bender? Have you been holding off on getting your messed-up passenger door fixed, or your half-attached rear bumper, or… and so on? Well, fear not, because Cocoa Hyundai right here in Brevard County, Florida, has just opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art body shop for all your collision-based and related automotive needs.

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Why choose the Cocoa Hyundai Body Shop?

Mechanics Fixing Front Bumper of VehicleWe can’t hide the fact that there are plenty of places in Brevard County to get body work done on your vehicle, but we also won’t hide the fact that we think we’re the best destination for just such a to-do. Now, we might be a bit biased, but we figured we’d give you the rundown on exactly why we think we’re the best place for you get your body work done instead of just leaving it at that.

  • At the Cocoa Hyundai body shop, we don’t just take care of Hyundai models. We’ll fix any make or model you bring in!
  • Furthermore, we’re willing to work with any and all insurance companies, no matter which you have.
  • Everybody likes free stuff. That’s precisely why we’d be happy to give you a free estimate!
  • If you do bring in a Hyundai vehicle rather than something else, we have a wide variety of Hyundai Genuine Parts right from the OEM.
  • Plus, there’s one more huge bonus: a lifetime warranty on any and all repairs we make!
  • Finally, you’ll be happy to hear about our brand-new, high-tech Global Finishing Systems paint booth if you need any paint touched up!

If you need body work done, look no further than the Cocoa Hyundai body shop. We cannot wait to get you back in tip-top shape.