What does Hyundai do with its leftover materials?

By Product Expert | Posted in Manufacturer News on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at 1:35 pm
Hyundai Motors Leftover Materials ReStyled by Zero Maria Cornejo

Did you know that making more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles isn’t the only way Hyundai is making strides toward protecting the environment? The company has all sorts of initiatives to improve their environmental impact, and we thought we’d discuss one of the upcoming events to give you an example. Have you ever wondered what an automotive company like Hyundai does with its leftover materials? We don’t know about the other guys, but Hyundai is partnering with Zero + Maria Cornejo for an upcycling fashion event on September 6th!

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“Hyundai Motor designed Re:Style to further our mission of becoming a more sustainable company and to create dialogue around eco-conscious lifestyles. This cultural event in the heart of New York City allows us to partner with one of the preeminent eco-friendly designers and share our vision for progressing humanity. We’re aiming to prove that you can create something beautiful and new from something that was once used.”

– Wonhong Cho, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company

What is Re:Style by Zero + Maria Cornejo?

Hyundai is collaborating with a renowned fashion brand based out of New York City, Zero + Maria Cornejo, for an upcycling fashion event called Re:Style. Upcycling is the idea of taking things that no longer have a use and making them into something else, something better. For this event, Zero + Maria Cornejo will be presenting a 15-piece collection that utilized the leftover materials from Hyundai seats. This is an incredible idea and limits the amount of waste Hyundai creates once their vehicles are built.

We’re excited to see what happens at the event, what the collection looks like, and of course who shows up. There are bound to be influential fashion icons, designers, stylists and similar celebrities present at the show! We’ll be sure to fill you in after the fact about all the exciting details.

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