2022 Hyundai SEVEN SUV Concept

New All-Electric SUV Concept by Hyundai Revealed

Hyundai Seven All-Electric SUV Concept  

The SEVEN, an all-electric SUV concept, has been revealed by Hyundai Motor Company. Take a peek at this first glimpse at the Hyundai Seven, an all-electric SUV concept. The number seven represents Hyundai Motor Company’s future design and technology innovation in the age of electric mobility. This hinted at the introduction of a new SUV model to the IONIQ family. the IONIQ is the company’s dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand. Learn more about the Hyundai SEVEN, an all-electric SUV concept in Cocoa, FL, by reading this blog by Cocoa Hyundai!  

Exterior Design of the Hyundai SEVEN SUV  

2022 Hyundai SEVEN SUV Concept

SEVEN features an aerodynamically sleek appearance that is instantly different from a regular SUV. A streamlined roofline, low leading edge of the hood, and the longer wheelbase indicate a significant divergence from traditional SUVs. SEVEN’s minimal forms have a combative attitude and an imposing, rough appearance that contrasts with its simple appearance. Active Air Flaps built into the wheels aids SEVEN’s strong road presence, deploying or retreating depending on brake cooling or low-drag requirements.  

Interior Specs of the all-electric Hyundai SEVEN  

SEVEN’s interior design emphasizes space innovation, which gives our customers more freedom than ever before. SEVEN has a 3.2-meter wheelbase, thanks to its design that pushes the wheels outward as much as feasible. Hyundai can experiment with a different seat configuration than typical because of the flat floor. As a result, the internal layout is more fluid. The pillarless coach doors also give a grand entrance that leads to a warm interior with a new sense of space. The elegant roofline, longer wheelbase, and flat floor that extends to the third row provide new interior design choices, such as a premium lounge.  

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