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What is Hyundai Smart Stream?

The short answer to the question above is that Smart Stream is the name of Hyundai Motor’s brand-new, efficient and fuel-saving lineup of powertrains. Many different automotive manufacturers come up with fitting names for their lineup of engines, like Honda’s Earth Dreams. For Hyundai, they now have Smart Stream, a lineup that went on display recently at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

“With the new Hyundai i30 N, i30 Fastback and the all-new Kona we are proud to present a wide-ranging showcase of new models and innovative technology based on our customers’ needs at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, our home motor show. By expanding our strong product line-up, combined with our digital and intelligent services, we will emotionalize the brand and attract new customer groups.”

– Thomas A. Schmid, Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai Motor Europe

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First Smart Stream Engine Available

The first engine to be available under the Smart Stream label was indeed on display at the Frankfurt show, and it was a 1.6L T-GDi engine. Within the engine are a number of other new technologies, including things like Continuously Variable Valve Duration. CVVD is, as its name suggests, continuously adjusting the valve duration of the engine therefore independently optimizing its timing and, in the end, simultaneously maximizing both the engine’s performance and efficiency all while reducing emissions.

In addition to the 1.6L engine, a wet 8-speed dual clutch transmission takes on the Smart Stream mantle. It offers much smoother and more fast-paced transition than the transmission that preceded it, while lending its assistance to lowering the amount of fuel the vehicle consumes.

This engine and transmission are only the beginning of the Smart Stream lineup, and we look forward to not only seeing which Hyundai vehicles this one is included in but which engines, transmissions and other things fall under the Smart Stream mantle in the future.