Next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV Range & Style

Next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV Range & Style

Within the past few days, Hyundai Motor Group held a special preview event in Seoul where they gave a very early look at a special SUV that is scheduled to launch sometime early next year. While the next-gen Hyundai vehicle doesn’t yet have a name, we do know that it’s a fuel cell electric vehicle, and we know that it’s gorgeous. But at the preview, they did also give a sneak peek at some information about the SUV’s range & style, so we thought we’d relay it to you.

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“With exceptional efficiency, serene styling and uncompromised performance, our next-generation fuel cell SUV is the true epitome of an eco-friendly vehicle of the future. Hyundai Motor will take lead in developing and producing green energy vehicles that would ultimately complement a near-zero emission society.”

– Lee Ki-sang, Senior Vice President of Eco Technology Center, Hyundai Motor Group


As you can see by the few photos we’ve posted here, the next-gen FCEV SUV is a gorgeous machine. Designers had purity and serenity in mind when sketching the original design, and were inspired by true nature, all of which leads to a calming presence as it cruises down the road. We’re sure that the design will improve and change as the months go on, but if the end product’s style is anything like this “rough draft,” then we’ll be happy.

Proposed Range

Hyundai promises that the new FCEV SUV will be quite efficient, and we tend to believe them. At the preview, the manufacturer announced that they will enhance the fuel cell’s performance, reduce the amount of hydrogen consumed and optimize other key components to greatly improve efficiency over the Tucson Fuel Cell – its predecessor. In other words, the new vehicle is said to have an efficiency level of 60%, which is 9% increase over the previous model as well. This all leads to a targeted range of… drumroll… 360 miles!

Next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV Preview Exterior Front Profile_o

Next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV Preview Interior Cabin Dashboard_o

Next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV Preview Exterior Rear Profile_o

We think this next-gen Hyundai Motor Fuel Cell SUV is going to be pretty incredible, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted here with updates as more information becomes available – so stay tuned!