2021 Hyundai Bayon Exterior Front Fascia Silhouette

What is the Hyundai Bayon and will it be available in America?

If you’re a Hyundai enthusiast, there’s a good chance you might’ve heard the name “Bayon” getting thrown around recently. We figured we’d give you the scoop on what exactly this new model, the Hyundai Bayon, is, and dive into whether or not it will be available in America.

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“Hyundai is strongly established in the European SUV market already, in terms of our model range as well as our sales success. By launching a new, additional B-segment model as the entry point into our SUV line-up, we see great opportunity to cover European customers’ demand even better and to increase our offering in a highly popular segment.”

– Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product, Hyundai Motor Europe HQ

Hyundai Bayon Subcompact Crossover Details

They Hyundai Bayon is a new subcompact crossover, sliding into the lineup just below the Hyundai Kona. Unfortunately, this new model isn’t just below the Hyundai Kona in the American market, but in the European market, as you might’ve guessed from the quote up above. Here in North America, the entry-level crossover on the Hyundai lineup is the Venue. Over in Europe, they don’t have the Venue, but now they’ll be introducing the new Hyundai Bayon as an additional small crossover offering and the new entry-level utility vehicle for their lineup.

We know very little about the Bayon outside of the image up above; however, we can hazard a pretty safe guess that the Bayon won’t be coming to America. With the Hyundai Venue growing increasingly popular as the entry-level utility vehicle here in the U.S., Hyundai can focus on other new utility vehicles and electric vehicles like their public plans suggest. If we learn anything to the contrary, though, you’ll be the first people we tell!