Hyundai Motor America Clean Assurance Logo on Gold Background

What is the Hyundai Clean Assurance program?

Over the past few years, Hyundai has put a heavy focus on developing its Assurance programs. Building on top of the incredible warranty that owners get when purchasing a new Hyundai vehicle, there are a host of incredible benefits that shopping for or owning a Hyundai vehicle extends. Now, in the wake of Job Loss Protection, the company is introducing its newest Hyundai Assurance program: Clean Assurance.

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“Hyundai Assurance is built on the foundation of America’s Best Warranty and represents the guiding principle behind everything we do. We want our customers and owners to know that we are reinforcing our commitment to prioritize their health in this new retail and service environment. It’s been a collaborative effort with our dealer body to develop training materials, guidelines, and digital and remote services.”

– Barry Ratzlaff, Chief Customer Officer, Hyundai Motor America

Physical Clean Assurance Initiatives

To start with, Hyundai Clean Assurance rolls out a host of initiatives to their dealership group across the country. Dealerships like us here at Cocoa Hyundai are now being encouraged to follow these new initiatives, which include:

  • Cleaning Protocols: having partnered up with Bioesque Solutions, dealerships will not only be equipped with disinfectant cleaners but will have a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization process developed for them to follow.
  • Social Distancing: in conjunction with city, county and state health officials, dealerships will better manage the flow of both customers and employees throughout the showroom and the service department facilities.
  • Training: employees at the dealership will also receive further training on best practices and recommendations for everything from staffing, to operations, to communications and more.

Remote Clean Assurance Initiatives

On the flip side, Hyundai will continue to encourage a number of remote and digital shopping services which are laid out in the new Clean Assurance program:

  • Online Retail Sales: thanks in large part to this very website, as well as the incredible Shopper Assurance program, you can go through the entire car-buying process right from the comfort of home through online retail.
  • Home Delivery: when we say the entire process, we mean the entire process, as we’ll even delivery your new vehicle directly to your home, continuing to follow cleaning, sanitization and social distancing policies all the while!
  • Service Pick Up/Drop Off: along those same lines, Hyundai dealership staffs will be encourage to offer pick up and drop off services for their service department, meaning you won’t even have to bring your vehicle in for an oil change anymore.

If you have any questions on what these initiatives mean for us here at Cocoa Hyundai or want further clarification, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at the sales desk. We look forward to continuing to work with you, whether in person or digitally!