Oil Being Replaced

Where can I get my oil changed in Cocoa FL?

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, one of the most important tasks to stay on top of is getting your oil changed. There are plenty of regularly scheduled maintenance issues to stay on top of, but undoubtedly your oil and oil filter sit atop the list. If you’re looking for someplace to take care of this task in the Cocoa FL area, then look no further than right here at Cocoa Hyundai. We can take care of all your maintenance needs, especially getting your oil changed.

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The cost of an oil change isn’t a flat rate, it’s going to depend on certain things – like what type of vehicle you have, what type of oil it takes and so on. But, for the most part, a majority of Hyundai vehicles that you bring into Cocoa Hyundai will cost $29.95 for the oil and filter change as a whole.

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Benefits of Cocoa Hyundai

There are several benefits to getting your automotive service done right here at Cocoa Hyundai, not the least of which is the fact that we’re an ASE-certified dealership. Our technicians are constantly going through official training to get brought up to speed on current vehicles. That means they’re just as well equipped to service a 2020 vehicle as a 2010, or any model year for that matter.

While it might not matter much for an oil change, we want to note that as an authorized Hyundai dealer, we have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and Hyundai Genuine Parts. Thanks to America’s Best Warranty, you have all sorts of advantages for your vehicle, but getting service from a non-authorized Hyundai dealership can void your warranty.

Finally, we just want to highlight how convenient service with Cocoa Hyundai is. While we’re closed on Sundays, our service department is open from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening on all weekdays, and from 8 until 4 on Saturdays.