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Summer car service and maintenance checklist⁠

Where To Get Your Vehicle Serviced in Cocoa FL?

Summer is here and so it is time for you to check your vehicle for your seasonal service and maintenance checklist. Read this to learn exactly what you need to take care of to make sure your vehicle is in perfect working condition for the coming season. Where to get your vehicle serviced in Cocoa, FL? Here at Cocoa Hyundai, Florida. Read to learn more.


With the rise in temperatures, the tire pressure is bound to change. And the wrong tire pressure could blow out or cause accidents. So, it is important to ensure our vehicle has the correct pressure in all tires. You also need to get your tires rotated and checked for wear and tear, cuts, or any other damages. If there is any you can get them replaced right here at Cocoa Hyundai.

Oil and fluid levels

Red funnel and quarts of oil.

Vehicles are bound to get overheated during summers, so we need to ensure they are all well-oiled. Pop that hood and check your vehicle’s oil, if it is dark and grimy, you should consider getting your oil changed and possibly filters replaced.

Next, it is also important that you check your vehicle’s fluids. A good place to start would be to fill coolant, transmission, differential, power steering and brake fluids. You need to ensure they are not leaking from under the vehicle and are topped off for smoother driving experience.

Air conditioner and air filters check

With the increasing heat, temperature control/air conditioning will be a must. Double-check them for refrigerant levels and leaks. Ideally, AC units should be serviced every two years, but in case there is a leak it is best practice to have your mechanic look at it.

If the air filter is dirty or choked, it needs to be replaced. A choked air filter is going to reduce your vehicle’s efficiency, so it is important to get it checked every once in a while.

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Windshield wipers and brakes

Check your windshield wipers for any cracks or cuts and make sure the wiper fluid is topped up. It is also important to ensure your brake pedal is neither too soft nor too hard. If it is soft or makes squeaking noises, it is time to get the brakes replaced.

These are some of the important things in the summer car service and maintenance checklist⁠. Getting your vehicles serviced timely is very important to prevent accidents or larger damages in the future. Schedule a service appointment with us here at Cocoa Hyundai or give our service desk a call and we will take care of your vehicle for you! You can also check out various automotive tips and tricks here.