Who Loves The Community of Port St John, FL?

Cocoa Hundai Loves You!


Are you looking for a New Hyundai and live in Port St John, FL? We are here to provide you with the best experience and pricing in the state! Cocoa Hyundai knows how important your community is to Brevard County. Providing some of the best communities and schools for a family to grow up in.

Imagine driving down Fay Boulevard or Grissom Parkway and everyone is checking out your New Sonata or New Hyundai Tucson. You pull into your neighborhood and all your neighbors run out to see how cool you look in your New Sonata!  Do you need tons of space to lug around your kids Little League Gear? We have you covered. The Hyundai Santa Fe in Port St John has a cargo valume of 13.5 ft³, 80 ft³ with seat area, third row seating and can tow up to 5,000 lbs. Everyone at Fay Park is going to be jealous! 

Are you looking for a Toyota Camry in Port St John, FL? a Honda Accord in Port St John? What about a Nissan Altima in Port St John, FL? 

Cocoa Hyundai has the largest selection of Pre Owned Vehicles from just about every Make and Model you can think of.

Give us a chance first. Not only do we offer the best deals in the state, we are the ONLY 5 Star Rated Dealer on Edmunds in Brevard County.  This means that you will receive the best treatment at any Car Dealership in Brevard County. Our Customers are our Family. Come and Join the Hyundai Family.

Not only do we offer the Best deals on New Hyundai Elantras in Port St John, FL Every New Hyundai comes with Americas Best Warranty. But, we love you even more! We are also going to give you LIFE TIME OIL CHANGES FOR FREE with Every New Hyundai in Port St John, FL. 




Cocoa Hyundai Loves our Veterans and Active Duty Members in Port St John. We have rebates just for you!

Do you own a Hyundai Now? GREAT! We have Loyalty Rebates just for you!

Do not own a Hyundai (shame on you!)? Don't worry, Cocoa Hyundai has rebates for that!

Do you drive for Uber in Port St John? We have rebates just for you! 


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